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    General Governance of Sewage Sludge

    Corporate Positioning

    The general governance of sewage sludge is the holding subsidiary of Guojia New Material. The corporate positioning aims at sewage, sludge, urban rubbish treatment and resource comprehensive utilization. Current business range includes: pollution abatement and recycling of rural breeding industry; municipal sludge and urban waste governance and recycling; reclamation of concentrated acid waste water in aluminum foil industry; gel removal heavy metal technology and equipment application.

    The company launches the entire environmental service cooperated with the government to provide environmental problem consulting for the government, propose entire governmental solutions, offer entire and value-added service, strive for realizing and solving environmental problems from the perspective of systematicness and ecosphere, change environmental problems into nothing, change urban pollution into “urban minerals”, and make a contribution to our environmental development.

    Core advantage: Technology+ capital+ resource chain mode

    Core advantage: Technology+ capital+ resource chain mode

    Depended on national 863 gel technological innovation, the company forms municipal waste recycling governance”, “municipal sludge recycling governance”, and “aquaculture sewage recycling governance”, etc., patented technologies. Through joint and reorganization to improve service ability rapidly, the company cooperates with the environmental technology in a certain famous college, cooperates with experts of domestic industrial wastewater treatment, marches into the VOC market and industrial wastewater recycling governance market, and forms “urban pollution recycling integrated solution”, “rural core pollution aquaculture sewage recycling governance integrated solution”, “VOC pollution integrated solution”, and “industrial wastewater recycling governance solution”. Meanwhile, the company cooperates with Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Biological Institute and Sichuan Agricultural University tightly and walks a road of comprehensive governance and recycling application for municipal sewage, sludge and garbage.

    After the company was listed on the stock market, financing channels have been expanded. The company completes first-round fixed addition, environmental fixed addition and industrial investment funds and lays a capital foundation on serving local environmental career.